Erin Brady’s Wedding Is on Hold – & 5 Other Things About Miss USA

24 Jun

People Magazine sat down with Erin Brady, Miss USA 2013 for a quick get to know you!

1. She’s no regular
The third time was the charm for Brady, who had only competed in two other pageants (both for Miss Connecticut) before earning her new sash (and N.Y.C. apartment!).

2. She’ll do the math
Brady’s more than just a pretty face (and a hot bod, as proven by the swim portion of the beauty contest). Prior to winning, she worked as a financial accountant and planned to go back to school for her master’s degree at the University of Connecticut. “But then my life took a turn for the better,” she says, “and here I am today.”

3. She’ll race you
So how did she fit into that bikini after all? “I’m very active,” she says, “so I like to do a lot of outdoor activities.” Among her hobbies: running, hiking and yoga. And although she prides herself on her healthy eating habits, she’ll splurge on an ice cream sundae over pizza any day.

Discover the other 2 points here.

Miss USA 2013


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