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Gabriela Isler amfAr Inspiration Gala 2014

23 Jun

Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler appears in Vogue en Espanol. She is wearing Ports 1961 Gown and Cantamessa jewelry.

5 de 18 Gabriela Isler, Miss Universo 2013, acudió a la gala con la banda que rezaba su título sobre un vestido con tela de rejilla y bordados de color negro sobre un fondo marrón. Click here to view.


New Miss USA, a taekwondo black belt, explains why she feels self-defense is important

13 Jun

Nia Sanchez doesn’t feel like she’s ever been in any real physical danger. She has never felt threatened in public or feared she could be the victim of any type of violence.

There was, though, that one time a few years ago when she was in a public place and a jerk grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her in the opposite direction of the way she was going. Maybe the man was just joking around. Sanchez wasn’t going to stick around to find out, quickly using her martial arts training to get the man to remove his grip.

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Miss USA Talks Miss Indiana’s “Normal” Size 4 Body on the Today Show—Watch Now!

12 Jun

Miss Indiana USA Mekayla Diehl can add one more fan to her list: Miss USA Nina Sanchez.
During an appearance on the Today show this morning, the newly crowned beauty from Nevada only had nice things to say about the gal whose body became a social media hot topic on Saturday.
“I feel like this year we really had a healthy class of girls and that’s what the pageant is about. Not being skinny and having the clothes fall off your bones but being fit, healthy and active—and Makalia is,” Sanchez shared, adding: “We were at the gym working out together. She was telling me how she does different sports. We all do. Someone else did hockey and we had girls who were wrestlers,” she said. “It’s an active year.”

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Miss USA 2014: 5 Things to Know About Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada USA

12 Jun

There was some tough competition for Miss USA 2014, but it was Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada USA, who walked away wearing the crown!

The 24-year-old is gorgeous, obviously, but she’s much more than just a pretty face! Here are five things you need to know about the newly crowned Miss USA.

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Miss USA Nia Sanchez of Nevada: ‘It’s going to be a great year — this is all a wonderful dream’

12 Jun

Billionaire Miss USA Pageant owner Donald Trump may well have yanked his contest from Las Vegas after a six-year run, but stunning 24-year-old Nia Sanchez of Henderson brings the tiara and the title of Miss USA back to our city after Sunday night’s three-hour NBC telecast from Baton Rouge, La.

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Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss USA!

9 Jun

Nia Sanchez is crowned Miss USA 2014 at the Baton Rouge River Center on Sunday, June 8th.

Miss USA 2014

25-year-old CBS hoops reporter Allie LaForce is turning heads for all the right reasons

6 Jun

Female journalists in the male-dominated sports industry battle for the next story and against the perception that the way to move up is through looks. Allie LaForce pays no attention to that stuff.

“I’m not really affected when people say you’re just a pretty face,” she said. “It’s insulting, but women have come a long way and it’s our job to make sure women continue to grow and gain respect in this business.

“I know that I played basketball, I know the sport, I know that I have the credentials and have worked hard to be where I am and that’s all I need. If some person on Twitter that has two followers is telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that means nothing to me. My bosses, what they tell me, and what my mentors tell me, that’s the stuff that matters. You just have to have enough confidence to know that you belong on this stage and are doing a good job.”

And LaForce, 25, is doing just that. Hired by CBS almost two years ago, she’s worked her way up to covering this year’s NCAA tournament on the sideline with one of the network’s top broadcast teams in Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery. She’s provided viewers with unique insight and stories. During a second round game in Buffalo between St. Joseph’s and UConn, LaForce scored an adorable interview with internet sensation Philip Martelli, the 4-year-old grandson of Hawks’ coach Phil Martelli.