Miss USA/Miss Universe president Paula Shugart talks Donald Trump and the future of the pageant

1 Jul

EW.com –

It’s been a whirlwind week for Miss USA/Miss Universe president Paula Shugart: Following GOP hopeful Donald Trump’s offensive comments about Latinos in his campaign kickoff speech, Shugart found herself in the midst of a week-long media onslaught as one by one, performers, co-hosts, and broadcast networks dropped their support of the 64-year-old organization and its annual beauty pageants. Here, Shugart sets the record straight about her plans to stream the upcoming Miss USA pageant online, her role in the ongoing controversy and whether or not the show—in this case, the 2016 Miss Universe pageant—will go on.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you have any kind of conversation with Trump about the future of the Miss USA/Miss Universe pageants before he went public with the decision to pursue the Republican presidential nomination?

PAULA SHUGART: No. We were really business as usual. We are such a small fraction of his business empire, and that of NBC Universal for that matter, so we’ve always operated as a stand-alone company. Honestly, I think our reigning Miss Universe has been at events with him maybe three times in the last seven months. So that’s something I want to impart, that we’re a stand-alone company that operates on its own. We’re a little company that happens to have been caught between two behemoths.


Read the full article here.


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