Anatomy of a Power Couple — Tony Capasso and Erin Brady Capasso

19 Aug – Power couples are rare, mostly found in the world of glitterati, where awesomely fun, successful, optimistic, and powerful people hang around one another by habit. Having been interviewing cool people for almost a decade, it seems unfathomable that I had not yet interviewed a power couple, until now. They are just that rare.


They are Tony Capasso and Erin Brady Capasso. They are young twenty-somethings accomplishing massive dreams, influencing people, changing the world, and looking good while doing it. Tony Capasso is twenty nine years old and is Vice President of a family owned business, Capasso Enterprises. The firm, a massive construction and masonry firm based in Connecticut is best known for re-facing colossal building projects, like Yale University. In addition to running the operations at Capasso Enterprises, he is making a name for himself in the 3D printing industry with his company, Construction Automation, Inc., a firm that is building the technology to 3D print real estate. No need to read that again, you read correctly. He’s pioneering the 3D printing process for real estate. He’s young, handsome, optimistic, and powerful, the precise ingredients needed to encompass one half of a power couple.

Read the full article here.


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