Allie LaForce’s Path From Miss Teen USA To Basketball Broadcaster

1 Apr – Allie LaForce entered the 2005 Miss Teen Ohio pageant to satisfy her mother. Lesa LaForce (née Rummell) — Miss Ohio in 1977 — thought her 16-year-old daughter could learn some coming-of-age skills preparing for the pageant.

“She said it would be a great experience for expanding my interviewing skills and learning how to put on makeup for the first time and learning how to walk in heels and do all the things that were a part of me growing up and becoming a woman,” Allie recalls. “She was like, we get it, you’re a jock, but you’ve got to learn this side too.”


Of course, LaForce won, then became the first Miss Teen Ohio to win the Miss Teen USA competition.

If Allie LaForce’s name rings a bell, it’s because she is one of CBS’ top sideline reporters and worked the first two weekends of the NCAA tournament on a crew with Verne Lundquist and Jim Spanarkel. She will be on sidelines for Reese’s College All-Star Game, which will be played Friday and broadcast at 1 p.m. ET Saturday via tape delay. (Follow the game live with the hashtag #MarchMood.) Read the full article here.

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