Pia, I choose you!

14 Jul

Did you know that Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is obsessed with video games? It’s no surprise that she is also a big fan of Pokémon Go, we took to the streets of NYC to catch some critters, click here to watch!

1. Who is your go-to Pokemon?
Pikachu! The cutest of them all!

2. If you were a Pokemon which one would you be?
Pikachu! With electric attacks and electric pouches coming from my cheeks! Haha but when I’m hungry I become Raichu. 😂


3. What are your favorite video games and characters?
Final Fantasy, Tekken, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel Vs Capcom, Guitar Hero & Rockband.

4. What do you say to people who think that girls are not good at video games?
Just keep practicing. And don’t compete with really good players until you are ready. Haha. Be honest with yourself, if you’re having a hard time, be comfortable in adjusting the difficulty of the game. It’s not cheating. Games are meant to be fun!

5. Any last thoughts on your favorite games?
Don’t be surprised if you see me with a handheld console or Pokémon Go. It’s just the gamer in me.

Slack for iOS Upload.png


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