5 Things Katherine Learned as Miss Teen USA 2015

19 Jul

Meet Katherine Haik. She’s Miss Teen USA 2015!


Here are the five most important things she learned during her reign.

1. Time Management

If being Miss Teen USA 2015 wasn’t time consuming enough, Katherine also had to go to high school and balance her extra curricular activities.  She’s perfected the work life balance like a pro.


2. Doing Hair and Makeup in a Hurry

When you are Miss Teen USA, you have your days planned out to the minute.  Applying some lipstick on the go is always a good skill to have.


3. Interviewing and Public Speaking

Before winning the crown, Katherine was not a fan of doing interviews or speaking to crowds.  After practice and determination, she is now confident and passionate about public speaking.


4. Traveling

After a year of traveling, navigating those busy airports is no problem at all for this jet-setter!


5. Age is only a Number

The biggest takeaway for Katherine is spreading the message that being confident does not come at a certain age.  She overcame the odds of winning Miss Teen USA at just 15 years old and she believes that you should never put yourself down just for being young.


We can’t wait to see what’s next for Katherine!


Watch the video! 

Watch Miss Teen USA 2016 right here on Miss U at 8pm ET on Saturday July 30th.


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