Miss Indiana Teen USA 2016 Lauren Boswell Shares Her Story

26 Jul

Miss Indiana Teen USA 2016 Lauren Boswell shares her personal story and why the 2016 MISS TEEN USA Competition is more to her than just a sash and crown.  Here are her words:

“Scoliosis is the irregular curvature of the spinal cord and unfortunately, it runs in my family. My grandmother, father, sister and I have all endured significant surgeries in order to correct it. At the Cleveland Clinic, the doctors successfully fused 9 of my vertebrae and attached 2 rods to my spine to prevent future back pain. After missing 2 months of school during my recovery, I was able to catch up with my schoolwork and maintain my Honor Roll status before the semester ended. I was also able to return to playing volleyball the following year with the added bonus of growing 2 inches from the surgery.


“Today, I have an 18 inch scar down my back and I am proud of it. As a young girl with a 45° curve in my spine, I was very uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt crooked and that there was something wrong with me. Through my involvement with the Miss Universe Organization, I have discovered what it means to be confidently beautiful. I’ve learned that embracing your imperfections, challenges and scars is the most beautiful thing you can do because they make you who you are, and I want to spread that message with the platform of Miss Teen USA.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.07.11 PM.png

“I look forward to competing in the active wear competition, with my scar exposed for all to see, and show everyone that my imperfections do not define me; they make me stronger.”

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