DIY Fitness with 2016 MISS TEEN USA Contestants

27 Jul

Thanks to active wear by Tapout x Goldsheep, the 2016 MISS TEEN USA Contestants are ready to show you their favorite workouts that you can do anywhere.  These are great when you’re on the go!

Put on some active wear and follow along!

Squats are more of a challenge when you hop side to side like Miss Ohio Teen USA 2016 Olivia Turk.


Try some alternating punches like Miss Florida Teen USA 2016 Gracie Smith.


If you are up for the challenge, do push-ups followed by a jump just like Miss Colorado Teen USA 2016 Alexis Wynnes.


If you are looking for a good lower body workout, try a squat like Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2016 Joahnnalee Ucol.


Finally, leg lunges are great stretches and an easy to-do strength training exercise.  Just look at Miss Alaska Teen 2016 Nneamaka Isolokwu.

What are your favorite at home exercises? Let us know at #MissTeenUSA



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