Halima Aden is the First Somali-American to Compete for Miss Minnesota USA

17 Nov

Halima Aden, 19, born in a Kenyan refugee camp, moved to Minnesota when she was just six years old.  Aden will now make history by being the first Somali-American woman to participate in the Miss Minnesota USA competition.

Aden tells the Huffington Post, “I could have sat there and I could have waited for a long time to see somebody who was dressed like me or looks like me, but I noticed that’s just not happening.”

Renee Jones Schneider/Star Tribune, via Associated Press

Staying true to her values, Aden will compete wearing a burkini instead of a traditional bikini.  “I’m going in as me, my authentic self. I’m not going to dress down or change myself. Not seeing women that look like you in media in general and especially in beauty competitions sends the message that you’re not beautiful or you have to change the way you look to be considered beautiful, and that’s not true,” Aden told the Huffington Post.

The Miss Minnesota Competition takes place on November 26 and 27th.



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