What It Takes to Create the Perfect Miss Universe Hairstyle

16 Jan

What goes into creating the perfect hairstyle for the Miss Universe competition? We spoke with Linda Rondinella, the Miss Universe hair and makeup coordinator. She’s worked with the Miss Universe competition for the past 20 years, creating fabulous look that help contestants shine brightly during their moments in the spotlight.


We talked to Linda about how she works with the contestants to figure out which hairstyles they should wear for each phase of competition. She told us creating the perfect look is a collaborative process between the contestants, their directors and the professional stylists at the competition.


“The contestants have won their country and they’ve had time to prepare, and their directors and their friends and people at home have told them how they think they should wear there hair,” Linda said. “They come here and with all our professional stylists, we decide what’s best for them and what their hair will do.”

Contestants definitely don’t want their hair to fall flat throughout the various events they’re attending. Linda also told us her secret to a long-lasting hairstyle.

“When you curl it, I spray the hair before and then usually pin it up and let it cool down, and then let it down,” Linda said. “That usually makes it so the hairstyle will last.”


So what are the three products that ensure a long-lasting, fabulous hairdo at Miss Universe? Linda says, “Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!”

She revealed she relies on two different kinds of hairspray: a working hairspray that she uses while styling the hair and a hard hold spray to keep the look in place. Finally, she finishes off the look with a shine spray to add extra shine.

While Linda loves styling hair, she said her favorite part about working with the Miss Universe competition is getting to know women from all around the world.

“The best part about my job at Miss Universe is meeting girls from every country. They all have such great hearts,” Linda said. “It’s always been such a pleasure.”

She also revealed that the hair and makeup chair is one of the places where the women feel most comfortable and candid during the competition.

“When they’re sitting down and they’re looking in the mirror and you’re playing with their hair, they’re really relaxed. Nobody’s pulling them in any direction, ” Linda said. “They become a little pensive and tell you their life stories.”

Miss Universe 2015

Linda also told us that there’s a difference between how they do the ladies’ hair for various events during Miss Universe and the final televised competition.

“There’s actually a big difference between when the girls are going out for just events and when they’re going to be on-camera. With HD, you need to put a little more warmth into their foundation,” Linda said.

“So, we make sure that we do that and also that there aren’t any flyaways with the hair.”

However, the job does come with it’s challenges. Linda revealed that even Miss Universe contestants struggle with feeling confident all the time, just like most of us! It’s her job to help build them up if they’re starting to feel down or nervous.

“The most challenging part is sometimes the girls come and they look around at the other girls and they get a little self-conscious,” Linda said. “My most challenging job is to make them feel good.”


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